LOST on the North Shore of Oahu

There they were, a podcast film crew shooting some surfing scenes on the North Shore of Oahu near Sunset Beach.

Then guess who comes walking by???

Yep, that would be Terry ‘O Quinn, who plays John Locke on the hit ABC Show, “LOST”. Some news reports had indicated that ‘O Quinn often walked the beaches of the North Shore, and that he often walked to the show’s “set” on the beach, in order to stay fit, and to achieve the scruffy castaway look.

That gesture he’s flashing is called a “Shaka” sign in Hawaii. The Shaka sign can mean many things in Hawaii, but most often means “Hello/Aloha”, or “Thank you”.

So, the next time you’re watching the waves at Sunset Beach or Banzai Pipeline, keep your eyes peeled! You never know who may be walking by!

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