Goodbye, Mr. Checkers……

Sad news for those who grew up or lived in Hawaii.

Jim Demarest, who played Mr. Checkers on the long-beloved children’s show “Checkers and Pogo” died on Tuesday in Chicago after a long illness – he was 80 years old.

Demarest was the third actor to play Mr. Checkers, filling the role from 1968 to 1979. Mr. Checkers was the father-like figure to the childlike Pogo Poge, played by Morgan White. Mr. Checkers was known for his checkered clothing and black top hat with checkered band – even while out of character, Demarest was known to wear at least one checkered article of clothing.

If you were a child growing up in Hawaii during that time, it was impossible to miss the highly popular children’s afternoon show.

Demarest’s ashes will be returned to Hawaii, where they will be scattered into the ocean.

Goodbye, Mr. Checkers…….and thank you for all the wonderful memories.

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